500 vodka is the "spirit" child of  a husband and wife team that immensely enjoy happy hour with friends.  Both are very big fans of beer and was not so into the hard stuff.  Over the years they both developed a taste for wines, but still never found a vodka they truly loved.  They joked about producing a vodka they could enjoy...and damnit they did it!  They have developed a sound Ultra premium vodka that is 6x distilled and flavored vodkas that are made with all natural flavors.  500 is a Vodka brand that was a dream and eventually a reality for  Kyle and  Teya Smith, it's a brand built from the love of each other and the loyalty to high quality Vodka.

500 is finally a Vodka brand that hold true to the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" with the sass of the big Apple.  The Smiths', both born and raised on Long Island, N.Y., moved to the great state of Texas in 2000.  Their love of both the state that raised them and the state that allowed them to grow, inspired the high quality Vodka they share with us today.

 Why the name 500?  The number 5 has always been a very positive number in Kyle and Teya's lives.  They noticed very early on that whenever the number 5 comes into play good things definitely happen for them. Both Teya and the Smith's daughter have birthdays on the 5th of their birth months. Kyle wanted whatever they do in life to be met with love, integrity and dedication for infinity. The 2 zeros in the 500 logo are actually an infinity sign.